ECOMAFIA Rapporto 2016

Roma, Palazzo Madama, 5 Luglio 2016

In the beginning of conference the President of the Senato, Senator Pietro Grasso, underlines the change which it needs to be in italian culture, where the citizns need to cooperate with the state and police to denounce the crimes. through his education, the citizens should realise its also not just the police’s responsability, but also theirs, to denounce more crime.


The conference presented the positive outcomes from the new law that was endorsed by the House of Lords (Senato) in 2015. Results had come in; further crimes were reported and denounced to the police, there were more arrests, and there was fewer crime ecomafia4_0committed since 2015 to now (2016). It appears from the conclusion that supplementary direct actions need to be taken to reinforce this law.

Different speakers were introduced and had given an insight of what proposals Legambiente was willing to execute in collaboration with the government to combat the Ecomafia and diminish the crime against the environment.

The Ecomafia become stronger because they are cunning to manipulate and fill the gaps that the government cannot provide, within their structure to the citizens of Italy, and have failed to do so. Unfortunately, this is morally wrong for our environment, so to prevent the Ecomafia from doing so, the government needs to reinforce new laws, which put an end to these alternatives. ECOMAFIA 2016

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